The LaGrange Amateur Radio Club

P.O. Box 1731
LaGrange, Georgia 30241
Repeater: AB4KE operated on 146.7 mHz (-) : PL 141.3 Hz
Repeater: K4DXZ operated on 147.0 mHz (+) : PL 123.0 Hz



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Coordinated Fox Hunt Procedures

Fox Hunting involves radio direction finding. A fox hunt is a special type of ham radio contest. Someone hides a small, low-power transmitter in a town and the rest of the ham radio operators use direction finding equipment to locate the transmitter. Skills obtained in this "radio sport" are useful in real-world applications - such as finding a lost hiker or tracking down nuisance transmitters (interference). Many ham radio clubs sponsor fox hunts on a regular basis.

The next Fox Hunt has been scheduled for April 3rd, 2009.

The Fox Hunt will start at the LARC Club meeting location at 900 Dallis Street in LaGrange. The Fox Hunt begins with a small lunch before the actual hunt begins. There is parking on either side of the building.

To reach the meeting location, drive west from the square on Vernon Street (US 29/Rt 109) and look for Forrest Ave. Turn left at the intersection, which is at a traffic light on the south west corner of the LaGrange College. Drive south approximately 3/4 mi to the intersection with Dallis Road. Turn right and drive about 100 yards up the hill. The testing building is on the right, with parking on either side of the building.

If you are coming from West Point or Roanoke, AL, drive east on US 29 or RT 109 to the intersection with Forrest Ave., and turn right. After the turn follow the directions above.

As usual, that the first amateur to find the fox will have their name inscribed on the award plaque hanging in the club shack.

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