The LaGrange Amateur Radio Club

P.O. Box 1731
LaGrange, Georgia 30241
Repeater: AB4KE operated on 146.7 mHz (-) : PL 141.3 Hz
Repeater: K4DXZ operated on 147.0 mHz (+) : PL 123.0 Hz



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The LaGrange Amateur Radio Club operates two on-the-air nets each week to maintain proficiency in net operations in the event of an emergency, as well as to encourage participation of club members in club activities. All nets are open, and all amateur radio operators are encouraged to check in. In addition, members are encouraged to check into the weekly Georgia ARES net.

LaGrange Amateur Club 2m Net
Every Monday at 9 PM
147.000 MHz
Input: Up 600 kHz
PL: 123.0 Hz
LaGrange Amateur Club 6m Net
Every Monday at 8:30 PM
50.155 MHz
LaGrange Amateur Club 10m Net
Every Monday at 8 PM
28.337 MHz
Georgia ARES Net
Every Sunday at 5 PM
3.975 MHz

Location of our repeater, AB4KE, atop a 300' tower

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